Christmas Gift Ideas


It’s that time of year again where shops fill up with stressed out people rushing around trying to find their loved ones the perfect gift. I think we often get so swept up in the hype that we forget that the gifts that often mean the most are the ones that come from the heart and not the one that cost the most. This festive season I thought I’d share some gift ideas that every yogi (and even non-yogi) would appreciate.

Time is the one thing we all seem short of these days. Why not treat a loved one to a coffee where you get to spend some quality time together and really catch up, or offer to babysit for a friend so they can take that hour long relaxing bath or finally have some dedicated time to step on the mat.

One of my favourite gifts I ever received from a friend was all the ingredients and the recipe to make the most delicious cookies. I’m a little hazardous when it comes to baking, so pre-measuring all the ingredients and writing out the recipe for me was the perfect gift. Not only did I get the opportunity to try out one of my friend’s favourite cookie recipes but she made it super easy for me as she knows I can’t bake at the best of times.

Helping others
As I live in a completely different country to my family, gifts over Christmas always become tricky. It’s prohibitively expensive posting gifts to them and there’s a good change it’ll never reach them. This problem was solved when I came across the WWF Gift Shop online. You can ‘adopt’ an animal on behalf of your loved one. The money goes towards conservation and your loved one gets a certificate and information on the animal they have adopted. UNICEF is another one of my favourite charities to support during the festive season and they have a range of gift options such as care packages, blankets, pencils, first aid kits and so much more. At first I thought my loved ones wouldn’t be happy as I didn’t really buy them something but they all loved the gifts as it gave to others in need. You can also donate to your favourite, local charity on behalf of a loved one. Another favourite Christmas present of mine was a donation of toys on behalf of Hubby and myself to the local Children’s Hospital. I spent all Christmas with a smile on my face knowing that the children who couldn’t be home for the holidays were enjoying some  time playing with brand new toys.

For the little yogis in your life
I have fallen in love with Purple Splash Studio‘s books. The Gratitude and Dream Journal is a great way of introducing the younger ones to positive thinking and being grateful for what they have in their lives. Their most recent journal, My Happy Place, is full of creative exercises and a wonderful way to get them to learn about self-reflection, personal growth and empowerment. I can’t wait for my niece to get a bit older so I can buy these for her.

The Ultimate Yoga Mat
You can’t go wrong with a Manduka yoga mat. Yes they’re expensive but trust me, you’re getting your money’s worth. I would hate to keep buying mats only for them to wear out and end up on the rubbish dump. I have a Pro Black which I mainly use for my home practice as they’re a bit on the heavy side and a Pro Light which I take with me to the studio, when I travel and when ever I teach somewhere other than at home. Believe me when I say I have put both through their paces and they’re still holding up strong. They can be a little slippy initially but the best thing I found was that regular practice wears away the thin top layer and then they become super grippy. You also can’t go wrong with a yoga mat that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

K-Deer Tights
I know, you don’t need fancy clothes to do yoga in but it does help when what you’re wearing doesn’t distract you from your practice. A lovely friend of mine introduced me to my first pair of K-Deer leggings and it was love at first practice in them. They are the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn and there’s no worrying about them being too low when you bend forward or digging into your skin.Besides comfort, K-Deer also supports various charities with their Signature Stripes leggings. So not only are you getting a pair of comfy tights, part of the proceeds are also going to charity. The lovely friend who introduced me to K-Deer runs her own online active wear shop called MadLotus. It’s where I get all my K-Deer (and a few other yoga clothing items) from. She really lives her yoga and I love supporting a fellow yogi. She also gives you a whole 15% off your first purchase when you subscribe to her newsletter, who won’t like that?

Do you have any favourite gifts you like to give loved ones? Share your ideas in the comment section below.








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