Try a little self-care this Festive Season

Aaah the Holidays. For some of us it means decorating the tree, getting all excited baking delicious treats and counting down the days until we get to celebrate, for others it can be a stressful and even lonely time of year.

Whether it’s seeing and spending time with family members you don’t see eye to eye, or whether it’s being far away from family or missing loved ones during this time, the Holidays can be anything but cheerful.

Luckily I have a few tips on how to turn this time of year into a special time for you to recharge and unwind.

Make time for yourself
This might sound quite obvious, but how many of us run around this time of year trying to do things for others only to find ourselves exhausted by the end of December? Book out some time in your calendar if needed, but make sure you have some time set aside to do something that you enjoy, that makes you feel happy or relaxed and that nourishes you.

Saying no isn’t a bad thing
We feel terrible saying no. We feel like we’re letting that person down. But sometimes politely saying no can be a good thing. If you’re feeling rushed and anxious with all the catch-ups, office parties and family get togethers this time of the year, why not decline a few invites? As long as it’s done in a polite way, there’s no reason people should feel angry or disappointed.

Keep moving
Exercise is a great way to get some happy endorphins to make you feel better, but your body will thank you too. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s quite easy to head outside for a walk as it’s summer, but the Northern Hemisphere can be a little tricky. If the weather is terrible, put on one of your favourite songs and dance around the house to it. Try a yoga class (whether in person or online) or head out for a walk. Sometimes changing our environment is a great way to reset and improve our mood.

Do one special thing just for you
I’m not talking about things you do every day, I’m talking about doing something you love and enjoy but don’t often get the time for. Maybe it’s a luxurious bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good book, maybe it’s a coffee and morning swim in the ocean or your favourite movie with some homemade popcorn. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, it just needs to be something special.

Log off
Yep, you heard me. Sign out of your social media, put the phone on silent and spend an afternoon (or day if possible) without checking everyone’s latest posts. Social media can often make us feel like we’re missing out, but the reality is people share a curated life. They rarely share the downs, and when they share the ups, often that’s even edited to show an altered version with some filters, strategic camera angles and clever wording. Real life is rarely social media worthy, so unfollow accounts that make you feel bad, and log out every now and then to just enjoy the present moment without any distractions.

Stop putting added pressure on yourself
Trying to force yourself to feel festive isn’t going to do the trick. Most likely, it’s just going to make you feel worse. Instead, accept that not everyone is into this time of year. Perhaps you love Halloween more, or Fridays, or your birthday, or any day but Christmas and that’s perfectly fine. You can still enjoy this time of year by shifting your focus. Find something else that you enjoy instead, like early morning beach walks (for us SH people.) or watching the snow fall while all being all warm and cozy inside (for you NH people). Maybe you just like having a day off to get round to doing some chores around the house, or having a nice sleep in for a change.

Know that it’s ok to feel what you feel
For those who have lost loved ones, or who are living far away from friends and family, this can be a lonely time of year. Instead of feeling like you have to force yourself to be happy, just sit with what you’re feeling and acknowledge what you’re experiencing. If you find that you’re really struggling, reach out to someone or one of the many amazing organisations. There’s no shame in admitting that this time of year is challenging and that you might need a little help getting through it.

So take time this Holiday to take care of you. It’s the best gift you can give anyone.

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