Book Review – How to be ultra spiritual

I have been laughing at JP’s videos for a while now. His satrical take on the yoga and spiritual community is often hilarious and is a good reminder not to take anything too seriously.

I decided I needed something easy to read during my long haul flights last year and thought this might be the perfect book.

JP leaves nothing out and pokes fun and pretty much everyone. Naturally I loved the chapter on yoga. Sometimes people in the yoga world can take themselves just a little too seriously, so it was quite funny reading through the stereotypes and how your yoga practice could make you ultra spiritual.

It does tend to get a little bit repetitive towards the end and I found myself wishing he wrote a shorter book as it would have kept things fresh. I did have a good few laugh out loud moments and giggles to myself.

If you’re someone who gets easily offended, this is probably not the book for you. JP leaves no religion, practice or wellness belief out which means everyone is getting made fun of, but it’s good humoured and a reminder that sometimes we just need to laugh at ourselves.

If you’re after an easy, fun read, I’d highly recommend it.

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