Stretch & Unwind Yoga by Donation – Supporting Earthchild Project

Online charity class to be announced soon!

Come join me for an opportunity to stretch and unwind for a good cause.
We will be raising funds for the wonderful charity, Earthchild Project. They operate in disadvantaged areas in Cape Town where alcohol and drug abuse, gangs and crime are sadly part of everyday reality. They run a range of projects, from a hiking club giving children who would normally never get out into nature the opportunity to explore and learn about conservation to yoga classes at school to help teach them to relax, connect with their breath and find some precious moments of stillness.

It only costs $25 to cover one child’s yoga classes for a whole year, so wouldn’t it be lovely to send as many kids as we can to yoga next year.
Earthchild Project also work hard to support the school teachers, make sure the kids have a much needed opportunity to have fun and most importantly, to learn to love themselves. If you’d like to learn more about the wonderful work Earthchild Project, does, you can visit their website here.

Once you’ve booked, you will receive a link to make a donation for the class. All money donated will be transferred to Earthchild Project.
Alternatively, you can donate via my Givengain page here.

This 60 minute class is perfect if you’re looking to get a nice stretch through the body while also allowing yourself to relax. We will ease our way into poses with plenty of options available to suit all needs.

This class is great for people feeling stressed and looking to relax, beginners new to yoga or people who are physically active and looking for a complimentary practice to their normal exercise schedule.